B1 and The Futbol Mvment

Soccer creates unique relationships of which we are very proud. Yanick came to Barcelona to be a B1 Player and today, with his own brand of sportswear The Futbol Mvment, is a partner of B1.

Forming players from all over the world has become a vocation and knowing more about the history of each of our players has become a real passion.

Seeing how players learn and improve day by day with our development programs is a source of pride for our Barcelona academy. But we are also grateful to meet magnificent young talents with illusions, dreams, and ambitions.

Yanick Potvin, it wasn’t going to be any different. The 20-year-old from Canada already had experience in Catalan football and knew what it was like to play in different local clubs.

After two years in Barcelona, he returned to his native Montreal to finish his studies. But also to create his own brand of clothing, The Futbol Mvment. A brand of street clothes and sportswear with a football style. Created by football fans for football fans.

It was then when Yanick, who has always expressed his desire to live in Barcelona, decided to return to join the sports program of B1 Soccer Academy and open a new path in Barcelona.

Some of our players have already made some of the designs of The Futbol Mvment, while others have become models of the brand. What football unites, nothing separates it.

You can go to his website to acquire some of their most outstanding designs or visit his Instagram profile!

Limited B1 Edition

In the agreement between both companies, B1 Soccer Academy and The Futbol Mvment wanted to create a collection of exclusive clothing for B1 players, as well as its technical staff.

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with other soccer lovers like us, but even more so when it is one of our boys who works hard to pursue one of his dreams and launches to the market a quality product focused on our sport.

Thank you very much, Yanick and good luck with your personal project. Soon more!