B1 Elite success amongst the young talents

B1 Soccer Academy is an elite Sports Academy searching to develop the entire potential of young male and female, national and international, soccer players in an unbeatable atmosphere that helps them discover and achieve their maximum level.

At B1 Soccer Academy, athletes can choose between the different services that we provide. Indeed, we have different programs that are specifically prepared for different needs or preferences that the athletes might have.

The most popular service chosen by the athletes that we have in the Academy is the B1 Elite Development Program. In this complete program, players between 13 and 23 years old stay between 6 to 10 months under our supervision. They can develop their overall football skills while attending top-quality educational centers.

We strive for excellence in all aspects of our programs, so the residency could not be less. The accommodation for the players is also taken care of, as we have a partnership with Garbí Residence, a top-quality student accommodation where the majority of our B1 Players are staying.

Our main objective is to focus on the athletes as individuals and on their development needs. We are committed to giving those young talents a safe and secure environment where they are free to take risks, be creative, and feel confident to work as much as they can to achieve their goals.

Moreover, all the players will go through a deep analysis of their game to understand which aspects need to be worked on the most.

More than an individual assessment, the B1 methodology will challenge the players in all aspects of the game. Most importantly, we want to ensure we develop players who are effective decision-makers.

Unique experience in Barcelona

Arriving in Barcelona, Spain, and playing soccer. Although this is the main goal of all the players who have passed through our academy, at B1 we are aware of the cultural change that each player experiences firsthand. Therefore, we accompany them at all times in their new path in the Catalan city.

Successful routines based on adequate rest, good nutrition, morning and evening workouts… but also moments of leisure and fun. Making this experience a unique experience for B1 boys and girls.

So, we offer multicultural and touristic activities during their free time, such as excursions, visits to football stadiums, professional football matches, and much more.

Are you interested or do you want to have any other information concerning this program or other programs?

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