B1 group stage MIC23

One more year B1 Soccer Academy has arrived at the Mediterranean International Cup (MIC Tournament) with teams to compete in the most prestigious tournament in Spain held at Easter on the Costa Brava, from 4 to 9 April.

For this year’s edition, the academy has participated with a youth team based in Lloret de Mar, and another cadet team based in Roses, Girona. The latter team assumes the handicap of having the vast majority of players still in the U13 stage but with the ambition to compete with older players.

This year’s challenge has been greater. The creation of two teams with players who have barely been able to train together as a team and with some last-minute absences that have made participating in the MIC in this edition of 2023 has been a major challenge for us. But we have enjoyed it to the fullest and so have the kids.

Two training sessions all together to connect, get to know personal sensations, and see the good chemistry between the players. Sessions that we conducted at the facilities of FC Santboià the days before the trip to the Costa Brava.

Group stage for the U19 team

On Wednesday, April 5 the team led by Marc Fortuny and Eric Bertran started the competition against the local team, the academy Juventus de Lloret in a hard-fought match with a lot of rhythms. Both teams had chances, but it was the Dutch player Xavello who opened the account on the scoreboard after an excellent corner kick taken by our captain, Emi Magaña.

The chances were repeated in both goals, until the home team managed to provoke a free kick on the edge of the area that he transformed with an incredible shot, making impossible the stretching of the B1 goalkeeper.

After the draw of Juventus Lloret, and with the nerves of winning the first game of the group stage, both teams began to make many unforced errors that led to changes in both goals. Until, after a loss in the attacking zone for B1 Soccer Academy and a long ball, Lloret’s striker managed to cross the ball into the goal making the final score 2 to 1 for the home team.

On Wednesday afternoon, all teams traveled to the Estadi Municipal de Vilatenim in Figueres to witness the opening matches and the opening ceremony of the tournament, where each team presented their captains to give the lap of honor to the entire field, in addition to musical and dance performances.

For the opening matches, we enjoyed a Real Madrid vs. the American club Albion SC and FC Barcelona vs. CE Mercantil, both rivals in the Infantil División de Honor competition of the Catalan Federation.

Thursday, April 6th was a double day, as all teams had morning and afternoon games. Our youth team faced the Hungarian team of Ujbuda, in the facilities of Sant Gregori. A very serious first half where both teams played very orderly although with few chances on goal, but a lot of work in the center of the field.

The restart of the second half and the need to get 3 points to qualify for the finals, caused the B1 team to make mistakes that penalized a lot, leaving a bulky score for the soccer proposed by the Hungarian team.

For the third match, which was held again in the same facilities, and with very little chance of advancing to the finals, the coaches made a risky approach and designed to win the game and thus add the first three points.

The B1 team faced the team from Denmark, Rosbold, and dominated from the first minute with all the ball play, possession, and chances. But the lack of success up front meant that the first half ended in a goalless draw.

At the restart of the second half, the team continued with the same dynamic, but a penalty turned the score in favor of the Danish team. And although the B1 players continued to press and generate chances, the final result was another narrow defeat.

U15 team in the tournament

For the U15 team coached by Sergio Alfaro and Jaume Solis, the competition began in La Jonquera, facing the American team of the Legends FC. The game started very close between both teams and with many chances to score goals and good interventions by the goalkeepers.

It was in the second half when the physical power of the American team was imposed against the B1 players. They were able to take advantage of the speed and managed to break the defensive line on two occasions with balls into space leaving the goalkeeper in one-on-one situations.

The good defensive work and the goalkeeper’s saves helped to leave the final result less bulky than deserved.

For the second match, the B1 boys faced, at the Vilatenim Stadium, CP Sarrià from Barcelona, a team that had just lost by 11 to zero against the French team AS Meunon. A hard-fought match that started losing the team led by Daniel, but the competitive spirit of the team made them able to come back with goals from Marcel and Mateo, leaving the team second in the group standings.

And in the last match of the group, which was held on Wednesday, April 6, the B1 U15 team faced the French team of AS Meudon, who came from winning with great solvency in the two initial matches of the group stage. A very serious match, with great defensive work and with great performances by our goalkeeper.

Occasions in both goals, but finally the small details and some luck made the game end with the score of 1-0 in favor of the French team.

They have competed like animals, they have played 3 incredible games. The boys knew that they were coming to play against teams from another category, but the illusion and the good group that we have formed have helped the boys to compete incredibly well. We are very proud.

Next round MIC23

A difficult group stage for the two B1 teams in the competition. And although we could not qualify for the finals, we were going to compete to the maximum in the next round. The U19 team faced a very experienced team like Caldes FC, while the U15 team would face Juventus de Mataró CF in the round of 16.