B1 in Costa Rica competes in UNAFUT

In Costa Rica, the team representing B1 keeps on growing and competing in the UNAFUT league. Michael Mora, who is supervising the overseas project, has been working on this project since 2019 and we are seeing some significant improvements inside the team.

Indeed, they have been competing in the UNAFUT league against some strong competition.  Since the start of the league season, the players have been playing really well and showcasing already strong group cohesion.

League game against Saprissa

Last weekend, the team of young talents had their league game against Deportivo Saprissa. They started the game with great intensity. The players had possession of the ball during most parts of the game, controlling the game and creatively creating chances.

In fact, in the 35th minute, we were able to score after an amazing free-kick goal from one of our players putting us ahead on the scoreboard.

In the second half, the intensity was about the same. The game was filled with chances from both sides and it was a really nail-biting game for the supporters and coaches on the sidelines.

Unfortunately, after a little miscommunication between our goalkeeper and central back, the rivals were able to come back to the score and draw the game.

Even though our payers were on top during the whole game, the game ended in a draw. Michael Mora expresses his feelings after the game:

“I am really glad of the effort the players put in. They went after all the balls, and really showed hard work and dedication which I am already really happy about. They showed the right attitude and we will keep working hard to some wins in the future!”

We congratulate the players and we will be watching you closely!