B1 Spain carries out its projects in USA

Last week, two of our B1 Spain Coaches traveled to the United States, more precisely to Fort Myers, Florida. Indeed, Marc Fortuny and Eric Bertran were charged with carrying out a B1 Camp, a B1 Tryouts as well as a Coaching Lecture.

A successful B1 Camp!

The Spanish coaches, alongside Sergio Alfaro (Director of B1 USA projects), Daniel Hostettler (Director of operations), and Edgar Garcia (Assistant), were able to implement a successful B1 Camp.

For two days, all the players attending were separated into two categories and went through some intensive training. The coaching staff implemented a refreshing style of training with exercises that the players were not used to interacting with. Indeed, Marc and Eric were able to bring their Spanish influence and knowledge of football to the Fort Myers fields.

Everyone had a great time, the coaches were able to work in a positive environment with players from the B1 Academy as well as players from outside.

Significant attendance at the B1 TRYOUT!

As mentioned before, a B1 Tryout has also been carried out to prepare the B1 USA teams for the upcoming season. Each local coach trained their respective category while Marc Fortuny and Eric Bertran (B1 Spain) were supervising each station one by one.

More than that, they were analyzing and observing each player and creating an evaluation that would then be compared with the evaluation of all the other Coaches. In the end, a selection of players was done to fill our already existing teams for next season.

We are really delighted with the result of the Tryouts and to witness the commitment of all the players and Coaches involved!

Lecture for the B1 USA Coaches

Last but not least, Marc and Eric closed off their stay in Florida by giving a Lecture to the local B1 Coaches who are interested in our global methodology.

B1 Soccer Academy has always put much importance on the education of football coaches as it has an important role in a player’s performance.

Moreover, the goal was to make the lecture as interactive and dynamic as possible, by giving the coaches the freedom to comment on any doubt.

The lecture led to much exchange between the coaches and a lot of topics related to the B1 Methodology were brought up and explained in further detail.

It has been an incredible experience, we have been able to enjoy the most with both the kids and the coaches of our academy in the United States. We have learned a lot throughout the week and we certainly hope to be able to return soon to continue working.