B1’s first tournaments of the season!

Great news is coming! Our B1 USA teams have been attending their first tournaments on the 5th and 6th of September in Fort Myers and Clearwater, Florida.

With the start of the training on the 17th August, the B1 USA teams have been able to test their level and physical form in the first tournament of the season 2020.

In total our U10 to U14 Boys teams as well as U10 to U13 Girls teams all participated in the tournaments, involving quality teams from Miami but also from other places of the east coast.

It has been two difficult tournaments, either because some of our teams had a small roster or really competitive rivals, but in any case, all of our teams put their hearts out on the field and defended their colors with commitment. 

Don’t miss out on B1 USA’s participation in their first tournament in the United States.

In addition to this wonderful news, we have been able to bring with us the VEO camera. It was the first time in South West Florida that it is used, and our first real use for B1 Soccer Academy.

More than acquiring knowledge on the camera itself, the footage collected will be used for training purposes and individual analysis. As commented by our Director of Coaching B1 USA, Giancarlo Coletta:


“We are all happy that the season has officially started and that our teams have been able to perform in highly competitive tournaments. We have been able to observe the level of each of our teams and detecting areas for improvement. The VEO camera will help us tremendously to figure ways of improvement for the team and individual players.”

We wish our B1 USA teams the best of luck for their next tournaments and we hope to see them triumph in a near future!