Company days at EUNCET Business School

Last Thursday, March 22, Eric Bertran, CMO of B1 Soccer Academy, and Marc Fortuny, Head Coach and sports director of the academy, participated in the business days that the EUNCET University prepared to discuss the disruption of technology in the world of sport.

The event, which was held at the EUNCET headquarters on the Terrassa campus, consisted of two parts. To begin with, the heads of B1 joined a CTEF round table together with Oriol Serra, Cluster Manager of INSDESCAT, Alexis Guillen, head of R+D at Global Performance, and Eduardo Espinosa, CEO of Even Padel.

The talk led and moderated by the current Sport and Fitness technology at EUNCET Business School, Toni Llop was also attended by more than 40 students interested in learning more about the sector and also interested in knowing aspects of the labor market in the world of sport and technology.

During the round table, some basic issues were raised, but also some very interesting questions with a good background for debate were thrown into the air. Market trends, how technology has burst into the world of sport, its limits, and all the possible applications, as well as its own development in the short and long term were assessed.

Other issues are more focused on the University students themselves, such as the competencies and professional skills demanded by the sports industry and the necessary training of professionals in such a large and global market as sports.

Each of the participants contributed their personal vision of their sporting branch, both from the business world, the world of soccer, rehabilitation after injury, and the world of events in padel.

The round table ended with a round of questions from the students, who are eager to start their professional adventure in the working world and showed a great capacity for adaptation and knowledge.

Company space with mini-interviews

After the round table and a small coffee break, Eric Bertran and Marc Fortuny went to the Aula Magna of the Campus where each company had a space to chat directly with interested students.

More than 20 companies were waiting for the students to know their concerns and also to solve some doubts about the possibilities in the business world.

A very interesting event, where companies and students were able to share connections, in addition to assessing, as B1 Soccer Academy, the option of incorporating new talents to our team. Thank you very much EUNCET for the opportunity, which we hope will not be the last one!