Two new interns join the B1 MKT Department

We are happy to announce that we are not only growing in numbers on the field but also in the B1 Marketing Department. In fact,  two students were added recently to the B1 Soccer Academy in order to fulfill their 3 months internship and help us grow for that time.

After an individual evaluation of both students, we decided to make them part of the B1 team as we believe they could help us innovate and grow in the Marketing & Communication Department.

The first intern, Gemma Guardeño who is studying Marketing at Euncet Business School, hopes she will be able to put into practice all of her knowledge that she has been getting from her studies, as well as learning day by day and grow as a professional in the Marketing world.

Moreover, Gemma believes she can bring new ideas and a different vision to the Marketing Department, always keeping in mind the specific objectives that B1 Soccer Academy is aiming for.

She hopes she will be able to communicate her ideas properly and be able to make them reality with the help of the B1 team.

During her first day at B1, Gemma felt really comfortable and at ease thanks to the B1 staff who have been helping her in the first steps. We have been really attentive to her and helping her whenever she had doubts, which helped her feel integrated.

We asked Gemma about the reason why she chose B1 and that was her reply:

“It looks like I will be able to acquire a lot of experience in this Academy, and having discussed what would be my tasks, I was sure it wasn’t going to be monotonous work. In addition, I have always liked sport and Marketing separately, so the idea of combining the two is really appealing to me!.”

Our second intern is Daniel Ruiz, from the University of Barcelona, is also really excited to be part of the B1 Family.

He hopes he will be able to bring his theoretical and practical skills inside the Marketing department that are required for the growth of the Academy. However, Daniel will also attend two training sessions per week, giving a hand to Didi, Marc & Eric, our B1 Coaches.

He is really confident that he will be able to meet the needs of the Academy, to fit in, contribute and help as much as possible.

Moreover, Dani believes this new opportunity will develop him as a sports professional, both in the field and in the Marketing Department.

Being a graduate and pursuing a Master in sports business management, Daniel will be able to provide his knowledge in terms of performance and management.

Furthermore, Daniel is committed to contribute as much as possible to the Academy as he believes B1 will help him achieve his professional goals.

Finally, Dani explains to us that he chose B1 because he is passionate about soccer and that he was attracted by the international scope that we have as an Academy.

The opportunity to be able to work  in the world of soccer and challenge himself in an international environment is a luxury for the young intern.

This said, we are really excited to start a new stage in the Marketing department and we hope to achieve wonders!