ISportsRecruiting, your future option

We are excited and proud to announce our partnership with iSportsRecruiting, a company dedicated to assisting and guiding student-athletes to obtain “Scholarships” in the USA.
More than three months of conversations, with its Director and Founder, Ronnie Romero, to prepare a new service between B1 Soccer Academy and iSportsRecruiting, designed by and for young student-athletes who wish to forge a future in different American Universities.

The agreement aims to offer real opportunities to football players between 14 and 19 years to develop as athletes with the best programs and work on their future and thus access the best universities, both through sports and studies.

iSportsRecruiting is an organization dedicated to assist and guide student-athletes on how to obtain funds “Scholarships” for their College education through sports.

Didi Rodriguez, General Manager of B1, was very positive with this new service because “football in Spain has a high level and many players who can offer great things to American University football. You just have to offer the possibility and give visibility to this process. And for this reason, the agreement with iSportsRecruiting will help us bring the talent of international football to the United States. It’s about getting good opportunities.”

iSportsRecruiting values

iSportsRecruiting can guide the athlete-students through the recruiting process: “We are here for you. Create a profile, upload videos and get connected to hundreds of College Coaches where you can get to play at the collegiate level. Is never too early to get noticed. Prepare yourself, academically and athletically, market yourself and become a committed student-athlete to a college where you can play and get your education funded.” said Romero.

Many Student-Athletes would like to keep playing at the collegiate level, but many times it can be financially challenging for many of them or they don’t have the right tools on how to approach the recruiting process.

The sports and personal development in Barcelona, Spain from B1 Soccer Academy and the advice, guidance and powerful promotion platform of iSportsRecruiting from the United States, will make an unknown experience, an option for the future.

Get ready for a new challenge… Let’s make things happen!!