John Robinson and B1

After making official the agreement with Elite Soccer Academy from the United States, we received a visit from John Robinson, ESA Soccer Operations Director.

During the visit, our CMO Eric Bertran and our General Manager, Didi Rodriguez, had the opportunity to continue working on the sports ideas that we share with a common goal, to give real opportunities to young soccer talents.

Robinson was also able to visit first hand, all our facilities. First, he visited the sports facilities located in Sant Boi de Llobregat, later visit our residence located in the center of Barcelona.

He immediately saw the potential of our programs and the possibilities for the future and reaffirmed his interest in collaborating with our academy to offer new services to players from all over the world.

Robinson asserted that: “I am extremely excited to further my working relationship with B1. On my return to America I was pleased when they confirmed to form a partnership with John Robinson Soccer USA, who have the exclusive rights to College Fit Finder player portal in Europe, which is a 1st of its kind with this partnership it expands JRS-USA into our 2nd country and enables B1 to offer their players an America college exit route. We look forward to working on all the events, & announcing them in the near future.”

It is undoubtedly a future relationship that will work to support both the studies and sports development of our players. Likewise, our General Manager remains convinced of the real and future options that this collaboration will offer.

“It is an honor to be able to start working with John Robinson and his college recruitment organization John Robinson Soccer USA and to be able to offer our players new tools to find universities and the possibility of building a successful future in America. We are sure it is a great project and we will work to provide the best opportunities to all players in our programs” declared Didi.

We’ll have more news soon. Stay tuned!