PUMA our present our future

Earlier this year we announced the partnership agreement between B1 Soccer Academy and PUMA for the next two seasons. And we are convinced that the decision was the right one. PUMA was our best choice!

While brands like Nike or Adidas seemed to be the only ones in the sports market, other brands were working to build a good foundation by focusing their strategy on a global element. And PUMA’s current results speak for themselves.

Is PUMA becoming more successful?

There is still a big competition between PUMA, Adidas, and Nike. PUMA Football sponsors international teams and academies raisin in competition and continues to add loyal followers around the world. They announce all of the long-term partnerships with teams on their website. PUMA is also an official sponsor of B1.

Uruguay, Switzerland, Serbia, Senegal, Cameroon, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Ghana were supported by PUMA Football with new kits for the Russia World Cup 2018. As well as some of the most outstanding players of the World Cup like Romelu Lukaku, Diego Godín, Jonathan dos Santos or Sergio Agüero. In addition to the new world champions with the French national team, Antoine Griezmann and Olivier Giroud.

And the career in the world of football doesn’t stop there. PUMA has worked hard to support teams like AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Olympique de Marseille, Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Mamelodi Sundowns FC, LDU Oficial, Chivas, Rayados, Stade Rennais F.C…

In Spain, we are not the only professional sports team that wears PUMA, in our adventure we are accompanied by the club of the First Division, SD Eibar.

PUMA boosted their sales in the second quarter to 8 percent, 1 billion Euro. They continue to grow progressively internationally and, in all segments, not just sport. They are also becoming a reference brand in fashion.

We will continue to rely on PUMA to dress all our players at the academy and we are sure to hear good news soon. Reaching #NewLevels!!!