Testing Soccer Dream glasses

Yesterday the B1 Players enjoyed a unique experience, different and where technology became the main protagonist of the boys’ training.

In B1 Soccer Academy we work to offer the best resources and we propose activities that provide added value to the sports development programs for all our athletes.

During the training, some of the B1 Players such as Duncan, Owen, Sergio Alfaro, and Miraash were able to try in first person a new technology that focuses on cognitive development in football thanks to Virtual reality.

With Soccer Dream’s glasses, they were able to discover a new way of training, forming part of a virtual environment and thought for the improvement of certain skills.

With specific training and thanks to the immersion of the player in the virtual environment and the fast learning, our players could try different exercises of precision and mobility in space.

Controlled at all times by the application from the tablet and correcting in real time the errors of the players.

“I really liked it. It’s a completely new experience. You get into the application, it’s like you’re in a professional football stadium full of people and you’re one of the team. It’s very intuitive and although at the beginning I felt a bit lost, you catch the dynamics quickly and it can obviously help a lot in the player’s progress” said Sergio Alfaro after the tests.

Soccer Dream VR

The sport has been evolving and more and more, football is implementing technology to provide new possibilities and set new goals. From the ghost goals to the follow-up in the training with intelligent devices. Study of sports loads, VAR and thousands of data in real time. What awaits us in the near future?

It doesn’t all end here. The world of football continues to evolve and adapt. And Soccer Dream wants to do its bit.

Soccer Dream is the first virtual reality training platform to accelerate football intelligence learning and boost player’s performance in the field.

For the first time ever, VR allows players to focus on their football intelligence guaranteeing the learning transfer to the real field. Benefit from proven exercises and start training now.