Julián Coto, new Tico in B1!

It is a great pleasure for us to introduce another new player, Julián. Coming all the way to Barcelona, Julian has finally landed at B1 Soccer Academy!

Today we are introducing a new talented player that has arrived at B1 Soccer Academy to enjoy our B1 Elite Development program for all the season, welcome Julian to our B1 family!

Julián arrived last year to learn more about the B1 Stages program for two months and to test our work methodology.

And he’s here again to stay the whole year with B1. This 19 years old talent has a dream: becoming a professional football player! Besides that, his goal is looking after his family and friends in Costa Rica. We admire his determination and we can not be more proud to be chosen by him!

To know a bit more about Julian here is some key information:

  • Date of birth: June 24th, 2000
  • Position: Attacker midfielder/ striker
  • Dominant foot: Right
  • Last team: Turrialba FC
  • Favorite team: FC Barcelona
  • Interests: Football and football

Since Julián was a kid, he showed his passion for football, and now he is looking for new opportunities to enjoy his favorite sport. He has already reached some important milestones, but he will never give up fighting until he gets his aim.

“I have allways dreamed  about being a professional player, and I see myself helping people who need it.”

 New-season in Barcelona

Julián, despite being just 19, has played football as a striker at the second division in Costa Rica, in his last team Turrialba FC. His favorite team is FC Barcelona, so he feels really lucky as well for being training with us in the city where his favorite team plays.

At B1 we are sure Julian has great potential and he has shown us he is really grown up for his age. He is always concentrated and focus on learning. For us, at B1 Soccer Academy, having players like Julian worth every effort we make.

Thanks, Julián for including B1 Soccer Academy on your way, you will be always welcome at B1 in Barcelona!