The B1 team is already at MIC 2018!

And the day so awaited for had arrived, it was the time to go to Lloret de Mar to be able to dispute one of the most important international tournaments, MIC2018.

The trip was about to start. For some of the kids the MIC2018 was a new experience, for others it was their second or third time participating, but the illusion of facing a tournament of these characteristics was simply inexplicable.

One more year, soccer became the main protagonist during Easter week for the whole Costa Brava. The 27 of March it was the start of the Mediterranean International Cup (MIC) until the 1 of April.

900 games and more than 300 teams scatterer in nine categories (from U10 til U18) was awaiting us to discover the future cracks of the world.

The B1 team has finally been made up of 17 players from 10 different nationalities. Do you want to know them?

  •  SPAIN: Ángel, Sergi, and Gerard
  •  COSTA RICA: Sergio Alfaro
  •  MEXICO: Iker, Derek, Fifa, and Edu
  •  ITALY: Marco Scarpelli and Eberth Leuzzi
  •  AUSTRALIA: Kash Stelio and Stoli
  •  RUSSIA: Ignatiy Petryakov
  •  INDIA: Sumer Singh
  •  SOUTH KOREA: Kim Junsu
  •  UNITED STATES: Mathews Nascimento
  •  LITHUANIA: Adam Kovarskas

5:15 pm: Tuesday afternoon, everything is ready. Suitcases on top, from the car to the taxi, from the taxi to the car and from the car to the bus. From Barcelona to the airport. And at the airport, once again to take the bus on the way to the hotel in Lloret de Mar Hotel, in Girona. The hotel that would be our headquarters until the end of the tournament.

Lots of conversations, different languages, soccer and more soccer and an incredible atmosphere that accompany us on the bus for approximately one hour and a half.

6:54 pm: Our arrival at the Royal Beach Hotel in Lloret de Mar where the responsible organization was already waiting for us at the reception to help us do the check-in of all the players. And finally, go up the stairs to the rooms to unpack. It was time to rest a little before dinner time.

8:19 pm: A light supper and a small technical speech before going to sleep. It was important to rest. The first game of the qualifying round had arrived. At 9 in the morning, our first challenge of the tournament waited for us at the Campo Municipal in Tossa del Mar. Aro was our first rival.

The day had come that we had waited for so long. The time to enjoy this experience to the full…  The MIC2018 is already here!

The B1 team is already at MIC2018