Bubbly Ballers in Barcelona

Are you familiar or have you heard of Bubble Soccer? We could say that is a somewhat peculiar modality. Do you know what the main objective of this game is? The objective of the game is focused on tearing down its opponents and making them roll rather than winning the game.

None of the kids of Impact SC have ever tried it and today was the day. We had arrived at the GOL a GOL facilities in Cornellá de Llobregat: 4 fields of indoor soccer, 3 to play 4vs4 and a larger field for 7vs7 games. The installation is co-ownership of Jordi Alba, player of the FC Barcelona player.

Laughter, some nervous screams while they put on their bubble gear to play the game and most of all, great desire to try something new. It did not take them but five minutes to form teams and name them “Ankle Breakers” to dispute a “small” tournament. That is what you call competitive spirit.

And of course, and it could not be otherwise, the coaches and some family members have also formed a team to compete. Cartwheels and more cartwheels turn of 360 degrees and very little soccer. But a lot of laughter. And the “Daddies” won.

An unforgettable experience and no doubt, we will repeat it. Just as some have defined it, a #bubblelicious day! Do you dare play with us?

4:13 pm: A little bit of rest… the Bubble Soccer tires you more than you think. And later lunch, we had a visit to the RCD Espanyol Museum. A personalized tour with much charm and very emotional moments… Do you know why the number 21 is so magic for the “Perico” club?

After knowing the RCD Espanyol a bit better, we have returned to the Jordi Alba’s facilities to dispute two more games. In this occasion against the CE Hospitalet and the CB Terlenka from Prat del Llobregat. Two games a little more unequal than against Sant Cugat, but a good test of fire to know the level of Catalan football.

9:46 pm: It was time to rest. The hours of entertainment and the game was beginning to show in the legs of the Impact SC.


Visit to the FCB Masia

While all the members of the team and their family members were having fun in the installations of Gol a Gol, our general manager, Didi Rodríguez and the Head Coach of the Impact SC, Jesús Gómez, had the opportunity to be present in the entertainment session of the U18 “A” of the FC Barcelona.

Unique moments for an unforgettable experience. Meeting some personalities from FC Barcelona such as Guillermo Amor, ex-player and current head of Institutional and Sports Relations or José Bermúdez, goalkeeper coach of the U18 team.  Do you also want to be part of the experience? Come and live it with B1 Teams!