Diploma & memory for the Impact SC

Sunday arrived and the B1 ten-day experience for the boys of Impact SC in the city of Barcelona with B1 Soccer Academy was over. An amazing week!

After a week filled with soccer, it was time to prepare everything for the way back. But from B1 we wanted to give them a small token to all the stay participants.

Didi Rodriguez, General Manager of B1, was in charge of making the final farewell speech. “it has been 10 incredible days for all the staff of B1 and we hope that you have enjoyed them as much as we have. We love the sport and believe that it shows. We have felt very comfortable and we are very grateful, you are a great group and we hope to see you soon”.

Next, to the Head Coach of Impact SC, Jesús Gómez, a diploma of their stay was handed over to each one of the players. Really nice to have met you guys: Brandon, Travis, Jacob, Logan, Marcos, Hector, Osvaldo, Alex, Basel, Israel, Gabriel, Kent, Alton, Tapia, Tommy, Aidan, Elias, Juan Diego, and Cristo.

You guys are amazing, all of you. And it has been awesome to spend these days with you. We will miss you #Brodies!