First minutes at the MIC 2018

Wednesday 28 started very early for the B1 and all the other members of the technical staff. It was the day, our participation in the MIC 2018 was starting.

6:40 am: All wake and with their backpacks ready. After breakfast, we were ready in the hotel´s lobby. waiting for the bus that will take us to Tossa del Mar for play a match against a team from Girona the CE Aro.

Lots of nerves in the dressing room, a little music and much desire to start. Didi Rodriguez y Eric Bertrán, the technical staff, gave their first line up for the MIC 2018: Sergio Alfaro in the goalie and with the captain’s band, Sergi, Gerard, Iker and Derek defenders. supported by Stoli and Kash as midfielders. The wings for Adam and Nacho. And in the striking end Marco and Ángel.

The game started pretty even, but little by little, Marco, as well as Ángel, began to arrive with clarity at the rival´s area. Around the minute 20th after a very good play of combination in the middle of the field and with a pass to Kash, the Italian player Marco Scarpelli scored the first goal for B1 in this new edition of the MIC. And in this way, we arrived at the end of the first half.

First changes, jumped on the field Edu, and Kim Jungsu fresh for the second half. The nerves had calm down and the players of B1 began to play in a more orderly way and having possession of the ball. Fruit of control of the game, the second goal arrived for B1, this time Ángel Cocolina in the minute 40.

First game and first victory, 3 important points to place us in the top part of the classification and prepare with more calm the next two games that were to confront us to the Colombian team Sócrates Valencia CF and to the Valencian academy TNGS.

At the end of the game the first smiles and faces of satisfaction for the job has been done “We knew that the parts are shorter than the normal, they only last 25 minutes each one and to score a goal was important to get back on the game” said Scarpelli, author of the first goal.

It was time to get back to the hotel to eat and a new bus, a busy afternoon was waiting for us at the Official Opening Ceremony of the MIC 2018. Therefore we put ourselves on our way to the UE Figueres stadium.



Hundreds of buses in the Figueres stadium surroundings. Thousands of players of the more than 300 teams, coaches, families, and some curious ones. Full blast music and animation by showman Gerard Romero.

Like every year, between 2 and 3 players of each Club are the representative to carry the flag around the stadium in what it has turned out in one immense deployment of players and clubs from all over the world, creating a mosaic of colours without equal. The people in charge of representing the colours of B1 Soccer Academy were the captain Sergio Alfaro, Iker Casanova and Marco Scarpelli.

The afternoon that will end with a match of the U18 category played by the CE Llagostera against Málaga CF, that won the game. Without a doubt, a full day filled with good things for the B1 team. Tomorrow we need to play hard again to be able to be in the first division of MIC 2018.