Real Sports FC from Kazakhstan in Barcelona

During the last couple of weeks, B1 Soccer Academy has been closely working and organizing a new project together with a new addition to their Partner. And this has resulted in the arrival of a selection of players from Real Sports FC, the best academy in Kazakhstan.

Last September, B1 Soccer Academy signed a partnership deal together with the sports agent and representative of Madrid Company, Mr. Yeltay Kushekov. This agreement aimed at creating new sports links between Spain and Kazakhstan by providing young talent from the Asian country an opportunity to be part of the programs that we offer in Barcelona.

Furthermore, the idea is to bring groups of football talents to our main Academy in Barcelona, to acquire some experience in a totally different environment. B1 wants his to be an educational as well as an enjoyable experience. This time, a group of young players from Real Sports Academy in Kazakhstan will be joining us for a week!

So besides the B1 coaches working closely with the players during their specific training sessions, the visitors will have the chance to train with and compete against clubs around Barcelona. In this regard, Don Bosco CF and La Florida CF have been welcoming the idea of letting the Kazakh players train with them during the afternoons, to make even more complete the stay of the boys from Kazakhstan in the city of Barcelona.

On top of this and to make the product more complete, B1 organizes a couple of touristic and sport-related activities for the players to enjoy their stay as much as they can. Finally, B1 also supervised the hosting, which this time was convenient to be the Residencia Universitaria Aleu, thanks to their really close relationship.

The Kazakh players face the B1 methodology for the first time

Used to another style of training, the Kazakh players seemed to enjoy and take the training sessions very seriously. The B1 Coaches prepared specific drills and exercises that emphasized different aspects of the B1 Methodology.

Every morning, together with the B1 Players, the visitors train together in intensive training supervised by Marc Fortuny and Eric Bertran. The coaches didn’t change anything in the training they usually do and tried to adjust the exercises to the group.

The players got a real sense of how our B1 team trains the whole year. Great intensity and involvement were felt which created just the right atmosphere between the visitors and B1’s players.

For some players, everything was so much quicker and you can feel the pressure of doing good, as explained by Farid Kashipov:

“Me and my fellow teammate were impressed by the trainings with B1, as they were very intensive with a fast rhythm. Some exercises were very educational as we had never done them before. wWe don’t regret our choice of coming and are having a great time”.

In addition to offering these training sessions, B1 also considered it important to provide some tactical talks to the players to give some structure and understanding to our way of working and for them to improve in aspects of their game. To help the coaches out, video sessions were used as every training has been recorded with the help of the VEO camera.

Some more activities around Barcelona

In addition, B1 organized a set of activities for the pleasure of the visitors. Of course, most of the activities were football related, but some tourism in Barcelona is always much appreciated.

That’s why B1 took care of a guided walk through the center of the beautiful city when during their free time. They had the opportunity to stroll along Paseo de Gracia, La Pedredra, Plaza Catalunya, walk along the Ramblas of Barcelona to reach the Plaça Reial, the port and Maremagnum.

Discover some curiosities about the Arc de Triomphe, the Sagrada Familia and the Parc de la Ciutadella. Essential corners of Barcelona. During the walk, a little stop at our friends in Futbol Emotion was more than necessary!

Moreover, another must be to visit Camp Nou and they had the chance to see FC Barcelona team play against Getafe CF in a league game.

Overall, this past week has been filled with training sessions, emotions, competition, and good times. We don’t regret investing ourselves in this experience and we hope it is the same for our dear visitors from Kazakhstan!