Semifinals of MIC 2018

Little by little the boys of  B1 Soccer Academy were achieving their goals after the elimination of the final phase. We were already in the semifinals of MIC 2018!

The clock stroke 7 pm a the Municipal de Cassá de la Selva and we already knew the team that will play in the final phase. The Ironi Modiin of  Israel had scrapped the Catalan team of CE Berga in the penalties.

The match promised options and much play in the middle field. And it was so. The Israeli team, the Hapoel Herzliya set up the team in the rear line to avoid that the B1 Soccer Academy players generated any danger and occasions of goal, and waiting to surprise on a counter attack.

The first 25 minutes went by and the game was tied up 0-0 and only with options for B1. The Israeli team opted for closing behind clearly looking for the tie and go to penalties. A tactic that worked to perfection because all the occasions of the B1 forwards were frustrated. We arrived at the 50th minute without goals. That meant that the pass to the finals will be played in penalties.

B1 already had his chosen shooters. Shooters with confidence and they had accepted the responsibility, under the poles, the captain Sergio Alfaro.

B1 had won the raffle and our team would be the first one to throw. The Italian Marco Scarpelli will open the penalty shootout. Would be his sixth goal of the tournament? The goalie guessed his throw and shortcutted the penalty. Nerves and more nerves. It was not a good way to start the penalty shootout, but there were still possibilities.

It was the turn of our Tico. Sergio guessed it and shortcutted the first throw of the Israeli team. Now the penalty shootout will begin again. It was the turn of the Spanish, Ángel Cocolina that did not miss and transform the maximum penalty.

Once again Alfaro under the poles, and once again he guessed the throw and shortcutted the shoot of the Israeli team Hapoel.  It was the turn of our player of Russian origin, Nacho. Much tranquillity and precision. Once again the goal for the B1 Soccer Academy.

We had less throws now and Sergio was filled with confidence. The third penalty throw in favour of the Israeli team, and the third stop of Alfaro. 3 of 3, incredible!  The B1 team was only a goal away from victory. And the Australian midfielder, Kash was next.

Nerves in the centre field. Nerves in the stands and nerves in the benches. Kash launched a perfect throw, where the goalie of the opposite team could do nothing. B1 Soccer Academy was in the finals of the MIC 2018!


Congratulations Sergio

Double reason to congratulate the players of B1 Soccer Academy. Not only had we won the semifinal in a spectacular penalty throw but our Tico, Sergio Alfaro, shortcut the three penalty throws against him, and the same Saturday, Sergio turned 18 years old. Back to the hotel filled with euphoria, and singing. It was time to eat dinner and the B1 team was the last one to arrive in the dining room. The songs and celebrations continue, but we still had one more.

Birthday Cake at hand lit up Candles and singing “Happy Birthday” to wish the best to Sergio becoming an Adult. The only thing missing to top the cake was to win the finals of the consolation of MIC 2018 against Ironi Modiin from Israel.