B1 Coaches set to implement fourth B1 Camp in USA

With the success of the past B1 Camps in Fort Myers (FL), the B1 Soccer Academy coaches are set to travel back in order to implement what would be the fourth edition of the B1 Camp USA.

Indeed, since the last edition got cancelled due to the Hurricane Ian, the coaches are finally able to make it happen and with it comes the excitment.

Furthermore, B1 Soccer Academy has always seen a real value in giving campuses for the players that are in our joint Academy in Florida. Our vision is to be able to invest in the development and future of young players by giving them the opportunities necessary.

These sports connections are interesting for American players who want to capture the opportunity of travelling to Spain and bring their careers to new heights.

The two B1 coaches that will undertaking the whole campus will be Marc Fortuny and Eric Bertran, who are already very familiar with the Camp as they have been present in most of the latest editions.

The campus will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of February (2023) where the coaches will supervise two sessions starting at 7 pm. In those specific and improved clinics, the players will be working on their psychomotor skills, coordination, decision making, technique and tactical concepts.

We are really looking forward to share our knowledge and work closely with the talents that will show up. Hopefully this won’t be our last Camp in the USA as we believe it is very valuable for the development of young talents.