The first B1 USA Cups of 2021

The B1 USA Soccer Academy is getting back on track with the first tournaments of 2021. The B1 USA teams have been working really hard every week and we can say that the results speak for themselves.

The Dimitri Cup in Bradenton, Florida.

The Dimitri Cup tournament was filled with tremendous performances of our teams such as the U10 Girls who went to the finals, winning 4 out of 6 games.

Moreover, the U11 Boys really fought hard in their games and went to the semi-finals. The way they worked together and uplifted each other was inspiring and awesome.

No to mention the U12 Boys also went to the finals and probably had one of their best performances in tournaments ever against top teams such as PSG Academy, Juventus, or the Miami Barça Academy. Unfortunately, they came up short in the finals but still secured a silver medal which is amazing!

The Wellington Cup

The Dimitri Cup was not the only tournament where our teams participated as the U13 Girls decided to participate in the Wellington Cup where they had the chance to face the number 2 in the State, Wellington FC.

They did an amazing job all along the tournament, showing how they improved as a team and proving to the rest of the world that they are not afraid of anything.

We are very proud of every team that participated and defended our colors. Congratulations and see you soon!!!