New tournaments for B1 USA Teams

Our teams in B1 Soccer Academy USA are sticking to their routines and are participating in several tournaments in the last few weeks. They continue to improve the level and this is transformed into victories and championships.

The competition has been rough but all of our teams have been giving their all on the fields and pushed themselves every minute of every game and we could not be prouder.

The different B1 USA Teams have not only achieved victories during the group phases, but they have also been able to be the champions of the tournaments. Let’s see how they did:

The ACDC tournament in Tampa Bay

During the weekend of the 9th and 10th of October, our two girl teams (U10 and U12) and 6 boys teams (U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15) converged to Tampa Bay to defend the colors of the B1 Academy once again in the ACDC Tournament.

The Girls have been surprising us as the U10 found their way to the finals a second time in a row. They performed with quality and were able to surpass every opponent they faced, showing good structure and positioning in the whole pitch.

A big congratulations to them and also their coach, Gabe Luchetta, who been supervising the team in the best way possible.

Furthermore, the boys have been showing a lot of potential in several categories. The coaches have been proud of the performances even though the result was not always favorable.

The teams are starting to get used to playing together and some positive evolution has been observed, which is great news!

International Series Qualifier Tournament in Naples

Our teams were back on the competitive fields as the fifth tournament of the season took place last weekend.

On the 24th  and 25th of October, our six boys teams from B1 USA had the chance to participate in the International Series Qualifier Tournament taking place in the north collier park in Naples FL.

We are bringing wonderful news as two out of the six teams were able to reach the finals and win and the other four teams gave everything they had to defend the colors of B1.

Kick-Off Classic in Fort Myers

Last weekend too, while the B1 Soccer Academy boys teams were competing in the International Series Qualifier in Naples, the three girls team went to Fort Myers to compete in the Kick-Off Classic.

In the last few weeks, the girls have been surprising us with amazing performances and results. Last weekend they had the opportunity to keep up the momentum and show us once again what they are capable of.

We are speechless and extremely happy as the three girls’ teams have been able to reach their respective finals!

We congratulate all three teams for their performances and the way they gave their hearts out on the field.

Unfortunately only the U13 were able to win their final, with an amazing performance and dominance in a 7-0 win, but we believe that losing is part of winning, so we are looking forward to seeing more in the next weeks!