Amazing journey with Albion SC Girls!

A fantastic match at B1 Soccer Academy against Albion SC Girls! We are delighted with so many women young talent around us!

Summer in Barcelona can be extremely warm, but it worthed it to see all those girls playing their best soccer. International players from San Diego and our B1 Girls were reunited to play a friendly match full of fun and emotion. A selection of players led by Leti Viñole, Didac “Didi” Rodriguez and Victor González.

Eloisa Borreguero’s team has come to Barcelona to start preparing for the new season. Currently, the Albion SC girls 2003 team is competing in the DA league, one of the best in the country. And in B1 we have had the pleasure of being able to train with them and also play a match.

Highlights of the match

The match started very even with both teams attacking many times. The first goal had to wait until the 17th minute to Albion SC by an extraordinary pass, after a play block on the right flank and overlapping of the right striker of the American group.

A bit later, in the 24th minute, Ari from B1 squad, had a clear chance overcoming the goalkeeper, but the defense managed to catch it when it seemed to be a goal. Really soon, Albion SC answered with a shot outside the area and in the minute 35, but a good hand of Marina stopped the 2-0 for San Diego’s team.

It came to the end of the first 45 minutes with the 0 to 2 in the scoreboard for the girls of Albion. In addition to the goals, in the first half and due to the heat, the referee decided to make two stops to hydrate and cool down.

During the second half, both teams fought hard in order to score a goal, and finally, in minute 50 Albion got the 3-0 after a good individual play that ended in a shot from outside the area of the Albion striker. Amazing definition!

8 minutes later and after starting to notice the tiredness, the team of Leti and Didi continued trying to get the first goal to get closer on the scoreboard. And in the 58th minute, after a good play by Natali tested the goalkeeper of the San Diego team. Nevertheless, a good save prevented the goal.

A few minutes later, B1 also had a good option on a free-kick, but a little distant facilitating the blocking of the goalkeeper, who was managing to leave his goal to zero.

B1 team never gave up, looking spaces and new occasions, like the one of  Nuria that almost finishes in goal when she came out glued to the right stick of the goal, or the ones starring by Ari and Sofía from B1 team.

Adding experiences

We continue to add experiences related to women’s football and we enjoy and learn from each moment. Specific training sessions and a preparation match to set new challenges.

We are very proud of all the players, for their dedication and their illusion, as well as for their talent. We truly wish to continue rock on at B1 Soccer Academy with all these remarkable players.