Discover B1 Girls Camp

As we announced recently, we will celebrate B1 Girls Camp, the first international camp at B1 Soccer Academy just for women!

The main goal of the camp is that its participants experience an athlete routine, and that is why at B1 Soccer Academy we will reunite professional players, professional coaches and a tight schedule.

A B1 Girls Camper will train twice a day with professional coaches and elite players as assistants. These players can teach the participant their tricks, share her background and show her knowledge through their extensive experience.

The camp can be adapted, so you just need to pick the program that fits better to you. There are three options available: Day Program, Gold Programand Legend Program.

For those who choose the Legend Program, you will enjoy the full experience. Besides the training, it is included a friendly match during the weekend against a local team, where you can show everything you have learned during the first part of B1 Girls Camp.

The coach will give you individual feedback, so you can improve during your next days at the camp, and you will have the unique chance to train with an FCB Coach.

As an athlete, every player has to know and control their own diet, hydration, and psychological aspects among others. So every young female player who dreams to become professional should keep this in mind.

A positive mindset reduces anxiety prior to games, allows the player to play freely or intuitively on the pitch and keeps the focus on the task at hand.

Of course, technic, physical and tactic training on the field is the key to success but there are many other areas to consider in order to build a professional career. Our workshops are thought to teach you to manage all these areas that usually are forgotten for young players.

At B1 Girls Camp we want to teach you methodology, habits and all the tools to make you build your own path.

Prepare yourself to enjoy a full soccer experience that will mix top facilities, interesting workshops, elite training, professional players and the BEST atmosphere! Are you ready to be the one, the best and the future?

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