B1 Women’s International Day

Today we celebrate Women’s International Day by highlighting women in the soccer world and our B1 Women’s Soccer Program!

Here we have Marina Schachowskoj, one of our coaches at B1 Soccer Academy. We are delighted to sit down and discuss her story, what brought here to Spain and her role as a woman coach and player coming from the United States. Born in Russia, adopted to the United States and raised by Russian/German parents Marina has a diverse background!

Marina has grown up playing with the boys till high school, has played at the university level and the second division, and finally, when she arrived in Barcelona, she began coaching.

“It has always been my goal to coach in Spain, knowing the breakthrough that has been occurring on the women’s side not only in Spain but in Europe. It is an exciting time in women’s soccer and I knew that I had to be a part of it someway, somehow.”

She opened the B1 Soccer Academy in Denver, USA, and split her time between Spain and the USA.  “For me it’s important I continue becoming the best I can be to provide that for my players no matter where I am.  The day I stop learning from others around me, I stop being a great coach”.

She has important advice for every young player:

“Nothing is impossible if you put the work in day by day out and have the right support system. There is no difference between man and woman, we all kick the ball with the same intention, to see it hit the back of the net”

Marina is an important part of B1, not only the knowledge she brings to the field but the passion for the women’s game. B1 bets for the talent, no matter where is coming from, women or men.

This summer will take place the first edition of B1 Girls Camp at B1 Soccer Academy. B1 Girls Camp is an international elite women’s soccer camp where its participants will have the unique chance to meet Marina and many other professional players who were brave enough to follow their dreams!

Come to B1 Girls Camp this summer in Barcelona and be part of the women’s soccer revolution!  bit.ly/b1girlscamp