Paloma Freestyler at B1

March is a special month for B1 community. It is dedicated to every women player who fights hard for her dreams!!

Last week Marina Schachowskoj shared with us her story and gave us some advice. Today, at B1 Soccer Academy we are presenting Paloma Pujol. She is freestyler, a sport where you can perform various tricks with any part of your body.

Paloma has been practicing freestyle for around 15 years and she has won three world championships of footbag, being as well the best freestyler in Spain.

She played soccer before freestyle, but she literally said “I was too bad, I asked my coach not to play too much! However, I loved shooting the ball or doing little tricks, and that is how I started…”

Only a few girls all over the world practice this discipline, and Paloma was the first women in Spain doing it.

“I always felt special around the guys and I would like to encourage every girl to try it. We can all do what we like, what we love. You just need to be patient!”

The worst moment in her career was an injury that stopped her for a while, but it made her stronger and she never gave up.

About her future, she sees herself involved with freestyle, organizing events or teaching other girls. She has organized already the first freestyle competition in Spain for girls and she will continue spreading her passion around the world.

Even though she is not a soccer player, she loves soccer, she follows it and she is proud of the incredible evolution of women’s soccer.

If you want to see Paloma performing, she will be this Sunday at the fan zone of Atlético de MadridFCB Barcelona.

Thanks to Paloma many girls have already tried this sport and at B1 Soccer Academy we are sure it will continue growing!