Why is B1 Soccer Academy located in Barcelona?

Do you know Barcelona? Not only as a tourist, do you really know it? Do you know what it means for soccer and sports? Don’t let other people tell you what you want to hear. Come and live it!

At B1 Soccer Academy we know that people in Barcelona is absolutely crazy for its soccer, as it is the true dominant sport of the country. It is a beautiful time for Spanish soccer, as the country’s top teams and players are thriving in competitions across the globe.

Barcelona is unique for its climate, its history, its architecture, its gastronomy, and a thousand other reasons. But above all, it is special because you can breathe soccer and sport, regardless of gender, race or age. Barcelona has an extensive soccer tradition that places it as a world benchmark in sport and soccer. It hosted the Olympic games and many other world championships in many other disciplines.

When you think about Spain soccer today, the first word that has to come to mind is Barcelona. FC Barcelona, also known as Barca is not only one of the best soccer club teams in the world today, they are going to go down as one of the best squads in the history of the sport, both male and female.

At B1 Soccer Academy we feel very fortunate to be able to help young soccer players from all over the world to grow in an amazing environment.

We have also chosen this city for the celebration of B1 Girls Camp during summer 2019 because of the countless opportunities it could offer to its participants. Experience a professional training camp in Barcelona is the closest thing to being on holidays and improvement.

Imagine yourself taking a swim on the beach after training, discovering its main monuments and tasting its incredible food. Everything while you are improving your skills and learning how to be a professional player!

Come to Barcelona and we are sure you will love it as much as we do!