Knowing the player’s structures

In B1 Soccer Academy we are curious and studious of the sport and in particular of the passion that moves us, Soccer.  When questions arise, we always look for answers. Have you sometimes question… Why did we start playing soccer?

The studies, the problems at home, personal relations, success and/or frustrations and especially the daily routine, they take us away from that feeling that we had when hitting our first ball. We all begun to enjoy of this wonderful sport for the hedonistic objective of playing soccer, for the pleasure that gives to score a goal, dribble a ball, to nutmeg someone, or just simply enjoy it and win!

But at B1 Soccer Academy we believe that the binomial “win-shape” must go hand in hand at all stages of the base soccer.  And, in spite of speaking of a collective sport, the team of players, of people that make up that team, we need to understand everyone and each one of the players individually. Only so, we will obtain the desired success.

It is evident that we will recognize the player in his pluridimensional dimension, and therefore, we will be capable of evaluating following structures that characterize each one of the players:

    • BIOENERGETICS: Also called “invisible training”. The nutrition, the rest and the prevention work that represent fundamental elements to achieve a good performance.
    • COORDINATIVE: Better known colloquially as technique. It is essential to work under the correct premises, ALWAYS with the ball as a priority.
    • CONDITIONAL: The physical condition must be worked according to age and condition of the player, but up to 15 years of age any type of physical workout will be done with the ball attachment. From this age on you can do alternative work, although, in training with the team, the ball MUST continue to be the protagonist.
    • COGNITIVE: Knowledge of the environment, decision making. We need players capable of thinking, of assimilating the changing situations of the game. It is evident that IT DOES NOT EXIST TWO IDENTICAL PLAYS, therefore we will avoid the analytical exercises.
    • SOCIOAFFECTIVE: Interpersonal relations. In soccer just as in life in general, the better the relationship with people in their environment, more simple and nice will be your day today. In B1 Soccer Academy we encourage the good atmosphere, we create personal attachments and we make that each player feels an important part of the whole that forms the team.
    • EMOTIVE-VOLUTIVE: Intrinsic motivations. To make it easier to understand, what reaches the heart, what bristles the skin, what motivates you. It is not easy, but it is part of our job to emphasize this structure. Values that we must bring out in our players.
    • CREATIVE-EXPRESSIVE: Communication, leadership, help… everything related to the particularities and personality of each player. It is of vital importance to learn to express it just as it is, taking into account the standards of conduct and respect that require each club, and our academy. The variable structure that will remain marked by innate attitudes and attitudes in each one or the players.
    • MENTAL: the mentality of the player. How many time have we heard, “This player is mentally weak” o “Be strong and have personality”. Soccer is a state of mind, thus, the player must control his state of anxiety, euphoria, impotence or happiness depending on the moment in the match.

Optimizing the performance of the player, and therefore his structures, always enjoying and sharing with the rest of the team, we will optimize the performance of our TEAM: Together Everybody Achieves More.