Twitter and World Cup for this Summer

The next month of June will start the World Cup Russia 2018, a great opportunity for the brands in social networks, especially Twitter, becoming a perfect cocktail for Summer.

The fans of the King of sports are warming up motors before the arrival of the World Soccer Cup to be celebrated in Russia from June 14th thru July 15th of 2018. 64 games await us, of which there will be attentive hundreds to thousands of viewers who will not stop sharing their experiences on Twitter. And @b1socceracademy will be among them.

To give you an idea of the importance of the digital platforms have the last edition of the World Cup in Brazil 2014, registered more than 672 millions of tweets, becoming one of the preferred sites to conserve and participate what was happening. We leave you with some of the most curious and important facts about the last World Soccer Cup.

Soccer has always been, in fact, one of the most talked about topics and reads in the platform. According to Twitter, the 84% of their users are interested in soccer. And that’s insane.

An interest that, besides, has been growing year after year. And is expected that this year all the records will be beaten. The 80% of the users of Twitter in sports has the intention of waiting for this edition of the World Cup. The users prefer to share this type of experience in Twitter, since you can live it in a more exciting and participatory way, enjoying all the content relevant to them, even if they are not watching the television.

“The World Cups an unbeatable showcase for the brands and Twitter is the perfect ally, that will allow them to reach the target audience and impact the audience in a precise way. Whether they count with sponsors or advertising spaces on television during a live broadcast, as if not, to take advantage of the strength and the scope of Twitter to boost your business investments can make the difference”, says Jaime Pelegri, Business Director of Twitter Spain and Portugal.

Besides, the publicity on Twitter that it has been checked for this type of live events is more effective than other media in terms of memory and impact. And even the previews week to the World Soccer Cup an increase in conversation is detected that in turn increases the possibilities of the brands

We all like to publish soccer contents, and the users’ favorites are the video and the live video, which in the last year its increase has been exponential. The volume of videos related to soccer has increased in by 144% year after year and in Spain, 72% of the users that it uses the social networks to get informed and consume content related to sports watches videos at least once a week.

And how it could not be otherwise, all the team of B1 Soccer Academy will be attentive to any news photo, video, GIF, Live, meme… because we love soccer, because is our way of life and because it could be, that thanks to us, Twitter might talk about you in the future. Who knows if the next World Cup! You will have to be attentive to what we say.

Be the one. Be the best. Be the future.