The virtual reality in soccer

Virtual reality has arrived to stay, and it can become a solution for soccer scouts and players. Real solution that wants to help improve this sport!

A Manchester company has launched a new technology useful to talent discovers and the player that fight against a tension.

As you know, we like to learn more about new elements in the world of technology. A few days ago we were talking about a new algorithm to avoid injuries and today we present this combination between soccer and virtual reality.

Mi-Hiepa Scout is a new technology of virtual reality developed with the final purpose to help the soccer teams not only to detect new talents but also to improve, during the process of injury recovery, the performance and mental acuity.

The Company, founded by entrepreneurs of Manchester, it’s now in talks with the Premier English League to sell their technology to the clubs: “We love the reactions of the professional soccer clubs; we are operating at the level of the sport’s elite, and the clubs are willing to explore any advantage that could help their clubs”.

Adam Dickinson, production director and development of Mi-Hiepa states that “Our system helps to improve the players mentally and physically through individual training exercises, (…) From a perspective of talent detection, provides a target environment that allows that all the players have the exact same conditions and can be compared equally. A young person could go through our tests in 30 minutes and get objective data about its capacity and performance.

This technology uses a limb tracking system of the players capable of analyzing your feet movement and reproduce it in virtual reality. According to the developers of the software, this approach means that, for the first time, the scouts, coaches and sports directors “could produce fast results, standardized and comparable”.

During the testing periods, MI-Hiepa Scout has carried out 74 live simulations with more than 640 players of 6 different countries, some of the members of the Premier League, as well as ex-professionals of Mile Phelan and Dean Holden.

In the recent event of Soccerex (the soccer industry association) in the Mi-Hiepa Scout had the opportunity to exhibit to the public, the former Manchester United player Danny Webber said, “he would have loved to have the chance to use it, especially when I was recovering of some of the 14 surgeries that I have suffered throughout my career”.

Viable solutions to real problems that the soccer players and scouts find. And the Technological possibilities applied to the world of sports has only begun. Soon we will know more news for sure. Ready to try it!