Abdu’s debut in National Division

This weekend the B1 Family has lived a great news, the debut of our #B1Players Abdu in official match in National League with his team the UD Unificación Bellvitge.

Abdulhakim “Abdu” Tariq Ahmed is a player of Libyan origin who arrived at B1 Soccer Academy last season to play in the prestigious MIC2019 tournament with the Youth team in April.

It was during the tournament, while the team was playing the quarter-final match against Extravagantes FC that Abdu suffered a serious hamstring injury.

That injury left him out of the game for a few months, making it impossible for him to make it in time to play the preseason with some of the best teams in Barcelona’s Youth Division.

After training during July and August with CE Europa, UE Sant Andreu and Badalona CF, he finally signed with the Baix Llobregat team that competes in the National Youth League (Group 7).


Debut against UE Cornellà

And the desired day finally arrived. February 16th, 2020.

The Baix Llobregat derby was coming up, a complicated game against a strong rival from the top of the ranking, the UE Cornellà.

The B1 Player Abdu, didn’t go out in the starting 11 for the Feixa Llarga team, but the match started in the best way possible, because in the 4th minute Parejo advanced to the Unificación Bellvitge in the scoreboard after a corner throw.

In the first minutes of the match, Bellvitge had the possession of the ball and was clearly dominating the game. Until the tie.

Intense game with a lot of rhythm. Some inaccuracies and occasions in the two goals, until in less than 4 minutes, the UE Cornellà was able to turn the scoreboard with goals from Herrero and Carmona, reaching the end of the first half with a 1 to 2.

Already in the second half, the UE Cornellà kept the pressure on and was able to keep widening the distance on the scoreboard. Again Carmona in 53 managed to score the 1 to 3.

With this difference of two goals in the scoreboard, Abdu came out in the 59th minute to try to give a little more muscle and consistency in the midfield. But the green team extended the advantage again with a goal by Bellido in 63.

And although Uni’s response was immediate with Keita’s goal, it was not enough to tie or win the game. Final result 2 to 4.

Despite the defeat, Abdu had a good performance and we hope that he will continue to have minutes with his team and can finish the season in the best possible way.

واصل العمل على التحسن حتى تتمكن من متابعة أحلامك. انت عظيم!