U19 shines at MIC in the final round

Amazing performance of our B1 U19 team at the final round surrounded by teams like FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid among others!

U19 squad got the qualification after stunning in the last groups’ stage. They have demonstrated they can face the favorites teams of this category and that they have what it takes to finish 1st in the group, and possibly make it to Semis if they continue to play the way they are playing.

The quarter-final of this category began in Lloret de Mar on Friday 19. The sun brightened, the crowd cheered and our team and its staff Didi and Eric were ready to jump into the court to fight for the qualification to the next stage. The team we played against was Extravagantes FC!

Both teams were looking good during the first half, but we had the worst news: two of our #B1Players got injured, Kim at minute 10 in his knee after a crash and Abdu at minute 15 in his hamstringWe kept fighting and showing strong individual and skills and teamwork, as well as assessing opposition strength and time on the pitch.

The Barcelona team has managed to stop our midfielder very well and they haven’t let us connect with our attack midfielder, Gerard.

In addition, Oussame also had a clear goalscoring opportunity when, after a good drive and after overtaking the goalkeeper, he shot and crashed the ball into the goal post. That would have changed things.

Already in the second half of the match, both teams had their chances, until in the 36th minute and after a good play from the Extravagantes winger and the subsequent shot, Sergio Alfaro fails to clear the ball and the rebound is used by the forwarding of the Catalan club.

A very controversial move, which was even reviewed with the VAR. More than 4 minutes of waiting to finally raise the goal to the scoreboard.

The team has continued fighting but, injuries and the VAR have made us fail to reach the next round of the final phase. Too bad, because FC Barcelona was the next rival.

Unique experience on live

Our way at MIC competition finished but the balance is really positive overall. We keep the memories, the experience, the vibes, the team moments and, of course, the pleasure to share our passion: soccer!

It is unbelievable to be playing at the top group and everybody could watch us on live on MIC Football TV channel. The video is still available, so if you want to watch it again just go to minute 59!

Thanks to this U19 squad and their coaches Didi and Eric for this bright performance. We are looking forward to participating again next year!