Official MIC 2019 Presentation

Today, the Mediterranean International Cup (MIC) 2019 was officially presented by Vicky Losada, FCB Women player, and Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham Hotspurs FC coach.

The presentation of MIC 2019 has been attended by our General Manager, Didac “Didi” Manager with our CMO Eric Bertran and the two project managers, Marina Schachowskoj and Susana Rodriguez.

Last year Coutinho and Alexia Putellas were the ambassadors, this year Mauricio Pochettino and Vicky Losada were the ambassadors.

Mauricio Pochettino has recommended to the participants “to enjoy the unique experience” and he advised them to forget about the results and how to show their skills, and he recognized MIC as a great chance to learn about life.

On the other hand, Vicky Losada assured MIC is the opportunity she didn’t have, so she addressed to every girl who will participate in the tournament to be willing to grow, and have fun. She was really proud of the attendance yesterday to the match between female team Atlético de Madrid and FCB Barcelona, being really optimistic about women’s soccer future.

The president of the tournament Juanjo Rovira added one of the most curious news of this edition, the implementation of the new video assistant referee (VAR), and he claimed “MIC 2019 is gonna be the best edition ever. Every year has to be better than the previous one.”

One more year at MIC

MIC is a youth tournament celebrated in the Costa Brava with some of the world’s clubs and national teams. The tournament provides young soccer players from all around the world the opportunity to play with the best international teams and players.

The tournament has the goal to provide opportunities to everybody. To do so, MIC has launch MIC Integra, a parallel program prepare for young players with special needs.

At B1, we are grateful we could share the journey with two soccer stars and the MIC staff who make possible this tournament.

Only 1 month left and we can not wait anymore to enjoy it! Are you ready? #WeAreMIC