Alex Villanueva joins B1 from Mexico

We are starting this new year in the best way possible, as B1 has caught the interest of new players from all around the world. Indeed, one of the new players is coming straight from Mexico and decided to join the B1 Experience. Welcome Alex Villanueva!

Alex Villanueva is not the first Mexican player nor the last one to receive B1 in its ranks, since last season, Eduardo Levi joined our soccer development program, but his stay was affected by the COVID pandemic.

But now let’s get to know a little more about this young talented Mexican. Alex got involved in soccer at 5 years old when he decided to join his friends in a local team. Later he was able to join a professional team and consequently played for three years in the third division.

For this reason, Alex feels really blessed that he has been able to gain such experience at his age.

Get to know Alex a little more :

Nationality: Mexican

•    Position: Winger

•    Current Team: FAF Hospitalet

•    Favorite player: Neymar

•    Favorite team: FC Barcelona

•    Aspirations for the season: Win a tournament with B1 and play in a Barcelona team.

•    Long term objective: Be a more experienced player and learn as much as possible about Spanish soccer.

However, Alex decided to join B1 Soccer Academy because he was interested in our project. The fact that we connect players with teams and schools makes our service what Alex was looking for.

Furthermore, apart from playing football, Alex loves being around family and friends and enjoying simple moments.

Alex describes himself as being a quick, agile and technical players, components that make an ideal explosive winger. In terms of what he brings on the field, Alex believes he creates offensive opportunities and supports his teammates.

Nevertheless, Alex Villanueva would like to improve his endurance and physicality as well as his defensive role. We think Alex has more than the potential to improve in his time here. Not only because our work with him but also because he is already playing in Preferente at FAF Hospitalet.

Finally, his goal for the season is to overcome the barriers of playing in another country, but more especially be part of a team in Barcelona and do great at B1 Soccer Academy.

Our Head Coach Didi Rodriguez had this to say about the new recruit :

“We are happy to be able to grow in numbers at the Academy. Alex is a very talented players with an amazing load of experience for his age. We will do our absolute best to help him reach new heights in football.”

Welcome in the B1 Family Alex!