Amazing effort of B1 in second friendly

After our first friendly game of the 2020/2021 season two weeks ago, B1 Team has prepared another friendly that was played last Wednesday at Santa Eulalia CF.

After the first impression of our B1 squad team that was promising, we are back to challenging another team in Barcelona.

It is important for our players to play together in a competitive environment and to put everything they learned into practice.

As the team is relatively new, the players need time and games in order to improve their chemistry and efficiency as a team.

Last Wednesday, our boys converged to the fields of Santa Eulalia CF to dispute their second friendly of the season with this fresh squad :

Zac, Jason, David, Diego, Edgar, Julian, Ashaam, Peter, Leo, Agustin, Omari, Mikiyas, Justan and Eyoel.

The B1 squad fought until the very last minute!

In the first minutes, we could feel a tense atmosphere as both teams started off strong. From both sides, we could observe actions that reached the penalty area but never found the back of the net.

That is when our B1 Player Peter Perrot opened the score at the 17th minute of the game. Incredible work from the attacking duo Julian and Omari followed by an amazing finish of Peter set the score to 1-0.

Furthermore, with a bit of misfortune, Santa Eulalia was given a penalty in the next few minutes (23rd) following that play. Santa Eulalia did not flinch at the opportunity and settled the score to 1-1.

Anyways,that did not disrupt our players as they started playing more consistently and had tried to keep the maximum possession. Despite alltheir efforts they could not yet find a conclusion to their plays.

Unfortunately, in the 27th minute Santa Eulalia found their second goal with a header after a quality centre from one of their players.

From that point, our players really tried to step up. Despite having the possession most of the time coming, they had difficulties finishing their chances. And so, until the last couple of minutes of the game.

But at this exact moment,  a wonderful action and finish by Justan Dunstan helped by  his attacking equalised the game at the very last minute.

Didi Rodriguez had this to say after the final whistle of the referee:

“We have to say that we are happy with the efforts that our players put in this friendly. The opposition did a great job as well. It is undeniable that with have yet a lot to improve as a team, but we are positive that they will improve as they will have many more opportunities to play together in the near future”

We can’t wait for the next friendly, we will keep you updated so don’t forget to follow us via our media platforms!