B1 parts ways with Jason Cao

It is always hard to see a player leave and start a new chapter of his/her life. But we know that it is a natural part of the training process, and this is the case with B1 Player Jason Cao. It is sad to say goodbye to him but we are very proud of him.

From the moment players enter our Academy, we try to take care of them in the best way possible and provide them with the best version of our services. Dor all players to grow as people and also as athletes. It is a unique life experience!

Our main goal is to see that players excel both physically and mentally in order to be ready to undertake their careers. All the effort we put into them is also one of the reasons why it is hard to see them leave, but in the end, we are also excited for them.

Today we are saying our goodbyes to Jason Cao, who has been part of our Academy and Family for some time now. He has been a key player for our B1 team and has been improving considerably during his time here.

He decided to start a new chapter in his life and that is why he is heading to Dayton, his home city. The reason behind it is that Jason will most likely start a business marketing bachelors at the prestigious University of Dayton.

When asked about his time at B1 Soccer Academy, Jason replied with the following:

“Picking B1 was a great decision in my life. I knew some of the players and also the coaches, and my goal was clear, I wanted to improve and keep pursuing my dream. Without a doubt, I take with me great moments and many friends from the world of soccer. I return to the United States a better player and a better person“.

It means a lot to B1 Soccer Academy to positively impact young athletes’ lives. We are wishing Jason all the best in this big step he is taking and hopefully, we will meet in the near future!