B1 players in the Kings League

It’s not every day that you get the chance to join a project of the magnitude of the Kings League, led by former FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué and well-known Youtuber and content creator Ibai Llanos. And B1 has been able to visit the Cupra Arena and train.

Last Tuesday, February 28th, a selection of B1 players had the opportunity to train at the Kings League facilities, with one of the teams participating in the championship, the team presided by Adri Contreras, El Barrio.

The B1 Players, Leo Itsitsar, Agus Franco, Justan Dunstan, Sergio Alfaro, and Mikel Lacarcel, accompanied by our CMO and coach of the academy, Eric Bertran, dressed in short to participate in the training session that El Barrio had planned to prepare for the match that this weekend faces them against Jijantes FC.

A decisive match for the qualification of the team led by Juan Arroita and Joan Compte, for the PlayOffs of the Kings League to be played on March 24, 25, and 26 at Camp Nou.

Training with El Barrio

At 18:30pm the special training started. B1 and El Barrio players jog together to start the warm-up. Joint mobility and some short shots before working inside a possession with reduced spaces. Dynamic and demanding exercises, typical of 7-a-side soccer matches.

After finishing this first contact with the ball, we worked on 3vs3 and 2 vs2 duels due to the new Kings League cards that propose this type of challenge. Then we moved on to real-game situations.

Finally, all players were able to hit on goal, both in free kicks and penalties, both regular and proposed in the competition, the MLS known.

A great afternoon for each and every one of the members of B1 Soccer Academy who were delighted with this new experience:

“It has been an amazing experience to be able to train on the same pitch that we see on the Twitch channels of all the content creators. It’s just like on the screens, full of details for the players and lots of cameras. The El Barrio players have been so welcoming and we’ve enjoyed every drill of the training, as well as practicing MLS-style penalties. Great.”

“We’ve gone from watching them on the computer on Sunday afternoons to being able to train with them, share a locker room, talk to everyone and share what we love most, soccer. It’s been spectacular.”

Joan Compte, Two Five and B1 Soccer Academy

The good relationship of Joan Compte, CEO of Two Five, a brand of gloves made and designed by and for goalkeepers, with B1 Soccer Academy and the collaboration agreement that unites us for more than 2 years has made this meeting possible.

Our CMO Eric Bertran was present at the session and feels very satisfied with this experience.

“I am very grateful to Joan for the opportunity he has given us, proposing activities like this for our players is something completely different and incredible. They have all enjoyed and have seen in first person something as big as the Kings League.”

Capdevila, World Champion in the Kings League

During the session, the B1 and El Barrio players shared the field with the Iker Casillas 1k team, and at the end of the training session, the TheGref team, and the Saiyans took to the field for their training session. And among the players, is a world champion, Joan Capdevila.

The former player of RCD Espanyol, Deportivo de la Coruña, and Villarreal FC among other teams, and “La Roja” World Cup winner in 2010 kindly attended us and took a picture with all B1 members who attended the training. An unforgettable day!