New partnership with TwoFive!

Last week was a great week for B1. We are pleased to announce a collaboration between TwoFive Gloves and B1 Soccer Academy. We believe that establishing mutually beneficial relationships with partners is a key part of our commercial growth strategy.

We are really ambitious and we look forward to the 2021 season and what that brings for our partnership. Welcome to the #B1 Family!

Partnership agreement

Last Friday, the agreement between B1 Soccer Academy and TwoFive Gloves became a reality, being the first sports brand specialized in goalkeeping to work with the academy. 

Our CMO Eric Bertran and TwoFive’s CEO Joan Compte were in charge of making this union a reality. A very profitable meeting where both parties exposed their values and made clear the guidelines for a work thought by and for all our athletes. 

The agreement also includes the presence of the logo in the different advertising supports and publicity, as well as in the different specific actions of goalkeepers of our entity: training, formations, and campus around the world. 

Who is TwoFive?

TwoFive Gloves is a local business who are specialized in goalkeeper gloves. It is a brand of goalkeeper’s gloves created by professional goalkeepers and people with extended knowledge in the field of goalkeeping equipment.

This ensures the best product efficiency and quality, as well as a wide range of models and cuts, but always with a common idea: maximum grip and unbeatable price.

Their work ethic is based around several pillars such as drive, passion, and customer attention, which are values that we share and consider essential in the football industry. This is the reason why the agreement felt so natural in the end.

TwoFive Gloves in the professional football

TwoFive is making appearances in the high leagues of Spanish football. More precisely, goalkeepers from the first and second divisions have been using the TwoFive Gloves, such as Edgar Garcia (Elche FC) or Dani Barrio (Málaga FC).

Moreover, TwoFive is determined to be present in women’s football by supporting players such as Txell Font (FC Barcelona) or Kelsey Dossey (RCD Espanyol).

Furthermore, TwoFive also made its appearance on the B1 fields as one of the CEOs of TwoFive, Joan Compte who is himself a goalkeeper for UE Sants, in the Third Division, gave us the pleasure to attend a B1 training with Miguel Ángel Álvarez (B1 GK Coach).

We wanted to give him insights into our specific goalkeeper training and he seemed really satisfied. From there rose the idea of a possible agreement between us.

All we can say for now is that 2021 is being good to us, hopefully for much longer!