B1 Private session with Saudi brothers

As we mentioned before, and because of the large demand for private sessions throughout the last few years, B1 Soccer Academy decided to open its doors for such practices for this 2022/2023 season. And for the first time, we have had players from Saudi Arabia join the B1 Family.

Last October, we welcomed the Merino Cortez siblings for three days of private sessions with the B1 Coaches and they loved the #B1Experience.

This time, we had the pleasure to work with three others siblings but this time they came directly from Saudi Arabia! The Almuwallad brothers – Abdullah, Nawaf, and Mohammed (15, 13, and 10 years old respectively), enjoyed 4 days of training with our different B1 Coaches.

A taste of the B1 Experience

The different B1 Coaches worked in turns with the three youngsters. The Head Coach, Marc Fortuny, was responsible for some coordination, decision-making, and possession drills. Because of their young age, it is only on the last day that they joined the B1 Players during their training. That day, they got the chance to participate in some drills and possession games.

Moreover, Eric Bertran (CMO and Coach) worked closely with the three players on precision, passing, and other coordination principles in specific drills that follow the B1 Methodology.

Finally, Sergio Alfaro, who last year was supervising B1 USA for a year, was in charge of working on shooting and finishing drills.

We can say that the Aluwallad brothers definitely enjoyed these challenging and demanding days of training with the B1 Coaches. They also said it in their own words when saying our goodbyes :

“We had areally good time at B1 Soccer Academy. The trainings were complete and actually challenging in addition to being able to see the residence, the players and Barcelona itself. We hope to be able to play in such environment in the future!

Residence Tour

Indeed, more than seeing what B1 is on the field, the three siblings were also brought to the Residence. Accompanied by a coach, the brothers enjoyed a tour of the whole residence with all its different facilities. They absolutely loved it and got excited thinking someday they could come and live this whole experience.

Thank you, Abdullah, Nawaf, and Mohammed for trusting in us and for letting your passion shine during these 4 days of training with us!