First friendly match of 2020

After two weeks of intensive training and preparation as we started off the new year, it was time for the B1 Players to apply what they had learned to a competitive setting.

Our first friendly match of 2020 was also B1’s first ever match against a senior team, our opponent being Cosecha Mundial FC.

11 Players from 9 different countries

B1 Soccer Academy is the prime example of football bringing people together from all over the world, as it featured players representing nine different countries across four continents.

The starting XI for this match featured Zac (USA) between the posts also wearing the captain’s armband for the occasion; Eberth (Italy) at right-back; Stoli (Australia) and Kim (South Korea) as center-backs; Kumar (India) at left-back; Sumer (India) in the holding midfield position; Abdu (Libya) as the central midfielder; Shota (Japan) ahead of him playing the attacking role; Hoonar (Australia) on the left-wing; Duncan (Canada) on the right; and Vlad (Azerbaijan) as the lone striker.

Although it was a beautiful day to play football, the conditions proved to be very difficult as B1 Soccer Academy had heavy gusts of wind against them throughout the first half.

While being able to keep the majority of possession, B1 had to battle the second half from two goals down.

The deficit was halved by striker Manveer tapping in a loose ball at the edge of the six-yard box, yet the numerous chances that followed did not produce the equalizer.

Julián Coto returned from injury and put on a magnificent display, whilst Adam, Sergio and Agus all made an impact entering in the second half.

Despite the defeat, the B1 Players and coaching staff can reflect positively on a good second half performance that demonstrated a great turnaround in attitude and mentality.

B1 dominated possession, created chances, and were rock-solid in the back throughout this period. This is the performance the players train every day to deliver, and sets a benchmark to overcome in the next match.

Promising debuts from Leo and Jason

New B1 Players Jason Cao and Leo Itsitsar made their first appearance for B1 Soccer Academy during this match, both having an impactful contribution to the team in the second half.

Leo’s pace and strength on the wing posed a constant attacking threat while Jason dominated the midfield thanks to his composure on the ball and vision.

Both players impressed the coaches in their first appearance and took full advantage of the opportunity to showcase their quality and potential.

Special visit

As usual, the game was attended by the B1 Soccer Academy former player Kenni Thompson who was cheering on the rest of the B1 Players.

Kenni recently made his debut with the RCD Espanyol first team participating in La Liga Iberdrola. We feel very proud and happy for her and we wish her the best of success!