Friendly game against Drenthe College

B1 Soccer Academy wants to stay active right before summer and to do so, our B1 Team is still competing in friendly games. Our last friendlies before the MIC 2022 were a real pleasure and success for our talented youngsters and they could not wait to have more of them.

In fact, it was time for Drenthe College, a Dutch Sport-focused Academy, to challenge our players on Thursday 12th May, thanks to Training Kampen.

Once more, Coach Didi Rodriguez supervised the team and came up with the following starting eleven:

Intense first half of the game

Indeed, during the first half of the game, both teams were showing a high intensity of play. In the first 20 minutes, the B1 Players were trying to understand the rivals’ style of play. They were able to pressure Drenthe players and not leave them much space to create chances.

In general, our players are connecting way better than before. All the games and training sessions led to something, and it is a pleasure watching them create clean chances.

Moreover, we missed about 3 clear chances that could have put us in a comfortable situation. The opposition had a solid backline that was able to stop us multiple times. Anyways, Leo is the one that was able to open the score by dribbling a couple of players and finish off with a powerful shot (1-0), what a goal!

Unfortunate second half

The second half was a bit harder from both sides. The heat and the tiredness slowed down the game in terms of chances. Anyways, we were still fighting as hard as we could. Once more, we missed a couple of chances but we stayed dangerous in the rival’s box.

Unfortunately, after a defensive misplay, Drenthe’s forward was able to find the back of the net and tie the game.

With only 10 minutes left on the clock, our B1 players did everything to try and snatch the win at the last minute, but their efforts came unrewarded.

As always, it is a pleasure for the players to be able to play those competitive games even though they don’t all go the way we wished. Congrats on their hard work!