Last B1 friendlies before the MIC

These last couple of weeks, the B1 Team, along with the new players that joined especially for the MIC 2022 tournament, have been playing couple of friendlies against teams around Barcelona.

Those games are the perfect opportunity for our team to get to know each other in a different enviroment and of course be more than ready for the MIC 2022.

Game against Sant Boi

After the last game against Don Bosco, it was time for Sant Boi to compete against us last Thrusday under the blazing sun.

Indeed, Coach Didi Rodriguez supervised the team and made some changes in the strategy compared to the last friendly. In fact, he also tried a different team set up in order to find out how we can play at our best level.

The rivals, FC Sant Boi were definitely a challenge for our B1 Team, as they showed a strong playstyle since the very start of the game.

Unfortunetely, they were able to find the back of the net first on a defensive mistake from our part. We kept the focus high and were able to construct some good actions but they did not lead to any goals.

Of course, as our team got a couple of new players, they need some time to be able to have a sort of chemistry. Anyways, they did a pretty good job in the first half even though they were behind.

Moreover, Didi proceeded to some changes giving players like Luis Hidalgo the opportunity to play his first game with the team. Really impressiva and solid player that brought some deepness and precision in our game.

Moreover, Didi proceeded to some changes giving players like Luis Hidalgo the opportunity to play his first game with the team. Really impressiva and solid player that brought some deepness and precision in our game. The first half ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of the Sant Boi team.

Change of attitude in the second half

In the second half of the game, our players started with a really high pressure that destabilized the defense of th opposition. We were able to be dangerous at several times and we finally were able to score with a solo action and a powerful shot, Grande Leo!

Afterwards, we kept on the same energy and the opposition did not have much space to play their game. Soon later, Omari receives a beatiful pass from Luis and is able to lob the goalkeeper to secure the goal that makes the score 1-2 in favor of us.

Furthermore, at this point of the game, the rivals really were trying hard to equalize the game, and they able to do it after a ball in that resulted to a schuffle and a shot that our goalie was not able to stop.

The game in general was really intensive, not to mention that the sun was also a challenge for both teams on the field. Anyways, out of nowhere, from a corner given by Rodrigo Salaverria, Kein Suzuki was able to receive the ball and with a quick reaction, score for the 2-3!

Really deserved win and congrats to FC Sant Boi for their game. Really good performance from our team overall, Coach Didi was able to make significant changes and understand what is working the best.

The last game before MIC22 was against Albion SC

And finally yesterday afternoon the B1 team played its last friendly match before heading to the MIC to start the group stage on Wednesday.

Once again, for this friendly match new additions have been added with the aim of forming a competitive team for the famous tournament held in Lloret.

The opponent for this match was the American team of Albion SC and they have been very orderly at all times, hindering the inside game of the B1 Team.

Only individual talent seemed to be able to help the team to score. And so it has been, after a good ball out and with a great ball throw to the back of the defender, the Mexican player Alex has managed to get rid of his two defenders to throw a good shot with his right hand making impossible to save for the goalkeeper.

The team began to trust in their skills and players like Emilio and Luis started to connect with the players on the wings, generating dangerous chances for the opposing team. Finally and after a good circulation of the ball and a back cross from Fabian, Luis managed to find Luis to hit the goal, signing a very good goal. The Tico connection led to a 2-0 lead at halftime.

Confidence and good feeling for MIC

In the second half, with the result in favor and with many changes from the starting 11, the team has continued to connect and generate good chances, and in the 14th minute we could see a great goal from outside the area of Fabian, who has dribbled in from the right side and took an incredible shot with his left that has ended in the corner of the goal of the Albion SC team.

In the final minutes Leo, who has already accustomed us to great driving and with great speed and accuracy, has started from midfield to finish with a great shot, leaving the score 4-0 for the B1 boys. A lot of confidence and good feelings for MIC.

We are ready for the MIC22… #Go B1