The coming back of Julian Coto

As you may know, the Covid crisis was hard on a lot of companies throughout the world. But today we are happy to announce that Julian Coto is back, we were so looking forward to seeing you again! 

As B1 Soccer Academy is dealing with young athletes, it was a pity to see all the players go back to their home country because of it.

Anyways, with good organization and management, we were able to overcome this situation. Indeed, after some time, the young players started coming back to the Academy allowing us to go back to the B1 routine.

Once again, a player is coming back, this time from Costa Rica and we are sure you know him already, welcome back Julian Coto. Don’t hesitate to take a look at when we presented him back in 2019!

In fact, Julian has been a really crucial player in the 2019 season where he showed us that he as a complete and talented player. We also observe that he was a hard working athlete, always concentrated and serious.

Moreover, Julian expressed to us that he was really excited to finally be able to dedicate himself to the sport he loves so much.

He is more motivated than ever and really happy to share moments with the #B1 Family once again after such a long time.

For us, having a player like Julian in our B1 squad is essential.

He expressed his feeling about his comeback:

I am really grateful to be here again. The B1 Academy is the proper environment for young players like me so I decided to come back after this long break. I am happy to meet my teammates again and I am ready to give my all during the trainings, determined to improve everyday.”

We are really happy to see that players are willing to come back to us, Julián Coto is part of the B1 Family and he will always be. We can’t wait to share moments with him and help him achieve his goals.

Welcome back Julian!