Leo vs RCD Espanyol

Several weeks after Leo’s debut with his National Division team AE Prat, he is still fighting to secure his place in the starting eleven. Last weekend, Leo was given playing time once again against a top team in Barcelona!

First of all, we wanted to say that we are impressed by Leo’s commitment and hard work in order to achieve his seasonal goals. We believe that with a correct attitude, on and off the field, a football player can achieve wonders.

After his performances against Gimnastic Manresa and FC Barcelona, the young Belgian has gained confidence and has shown his dedication to the members of the coaching staff.

We were hoping Leo could have another opportunity to show his worth in the league games and that is exactly what happened.

In fact, Leo was given once again some playing time against RCD Espanyol! Despite him playing only 35 minutes, he was able to have a solid and consistent performance that is expected from a sub in the second half.

Unfortunately, Leo and his teammates weren’t able to beat the opponents who showed a strong organization and offensive efficiency.

We as an Academy are really pleased when one of our players is striving for greatness, and to see them compete in the high-level football in Spain is where we try to bring every athlete passing into B1.

Sometimes, all of our hard work combined with the dedication and commitment of our players ends up showing results, which are extremely motivating for us but more importantly to the player.

We will be watching Leo from really close by hoping that he will get more playing time and opportunities to shine on the field!