Emilio Magaña joins B1 from Mexico!

It is true what they say that good news never comes alone, and in the last few days, we have received new B1 Players, all of them from Latin America. Talent and a lot of character. Today we present Emilio Magaña from Mexico!

After having presented Alex Villanueva to you recently, we thought it was only right to present to you a friend of his that decided to live the same experience and embark on the adventure to Barcelona.

Indeed, Emilio is also from Mexico and used to play in the same team as Alex. Considered really good friends, their dream is to make it to the professional world one day. We are happy to be able to be part of his path.

Emilio got involved in football when he was around 3 years old, because of his Dad. His Dad has a big passion for football and was able to transmit that same passion to Emilio.

He never stopped playing ever since and decided that he wanted to take a shot at becoming a professional player.

In fact, to this day Emilio has lived many experiences and does not regret anything. Because of this increasing passion, Emilio has always tried to be at the highest level possible.

Get to know Emilio a little more :

•    Nationality: Mexican

Position: Midfield

•    Current Team: FAF Hospitalet

•    Favorite player: Messi

•    Favorite team: FC Barcelona

•    Aspirations for the season: To continue working, make great friends and grow as a soccer player, and bring my contribution to B1 Soccer Academy.

•    Long term objective: My long-term goal would be to dedicate myself to football, if it doesn’t happen, use soccer to get a scholarship in universities.

Moreover, apart from dedicating his life to football, Emilio has different interests in any activities that are in an outside place. He also added that he had much love for any sort of animal.

As a football player, the young player explained that his vision and technique are his two best qualities, and we were able to see it immediately after his arrival in training.

On the other hand, he would like to improve his bad leg, his header, and his intensity of pressing.

Furthermore, Emilio expressed his interest in coming to B1 Soccer Academy :

“I chose B1 because from Mexico it sounded like a very important opportunity and development for me, in one of my favorite cities in the world and doing what I love”.

Sounds like a perfect fit for what Emilio is looking for, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Finally, his seasonal goals would be to improve both physically and mentally and to learn Spanish football, which is different from the football back in his hometown. He is really positive and excited about this new challenge that will make him grow as a player.

Our Head Coach Didi Rodriguez had this to say about the new recruit :

“Emilio has a really good talent in football and we believe that if he is serious about it he could get somewhere, we are here to help him go towards that goal and find him opportunities in Barcelona. He is an amazing addition to the training fields and definitely raises the level!”

Welcome to the B1 Family Emilio!