New Canadian player, welcome David!

After our announcement of the arrival of Omari Bain, we have the pleasure to announce that he is not joining alone as a new player coming from Canada decided to be part of the B1 Family as well. Welcome, David Polevoy!

David grew up in Vancouver, Canada, where he started playing soccer with only 7 years. At that time, his parents signed him up in a local football club where David played until he was 13, and his passion for soccer started right there.

Later on, David Polevoy started playing for teams around Vancouver where he really started getting a taste of the competitive world of football.

He quickly improved his game and decided that he wanted to take a shot at becoming a professional player.

Moreover, David decided to step up his game by joining football academies abroad to gain as much experience and skills as a player, before joining B1 Soccer Academy recently.

Here are some facts about David Polevoy: 

  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Position: Defensive midfield
  • Favorite player: Yaya Touré
  • Current team: UE Castellfedels
  • Aspirations for the season: Improve as much as he can
  • Long term objective: To be able to live off playing professional football

Nevertheless, has other hobbies besides playing football. Going on a fishing adventure or snowboarding are two activities that David enjoys doing in his spare time.

Furthermore, David explains to us that he chose B1 because he heard some really positive comments about the quality of the training under the supervision of Didi Rodriguez and Marc Fortuny. Anyway, he also came to improve his game and become a more complete player.


If David had to describe himself as a player, he’d say he brings good physical and technical quality as well as good passing ability.

The modest Canadian explains that some of the many things he would like to improve are his finishing, decision making, and stamina. 

In addition, we can feel that David Polevoy is really motivated in taking part in this new adventure. He wants to work really hard to achieve his maximum potential and “be better than I was the day before” he says, really inspiring!

“We are delighted to welcome so much new players to B1. It feels great to be working with a bigger group because it opens much more training possibilities. Anyway, we can see that David had experience in competitive football in his way of playing, with great skills and a big potential. We can’t wait ti see him grow at B1!”.

Welcome to the B1 Family David!