Omari Bain with Bahamas National Team

We are always extremely proud to see when our B1 Family follows their dreams and are able to reach higher levels that they always dreamed about. Although unfortunate to see our great players leave for bigger and better things, we are proud of Omari Bain joining his home team with the Bahamas and following his journey.

Seeing our players succeed in and outside of the field is always a great feeling for us here at B1 Soccer. Recently, the great Omari Bain has been able to achieve a spot on the Bahamas National Team.

This team is currently competing in the CONCACAF nation team which makes everyone here at B1 proud of the success and effort that Omari has put in to achieve this level. 

A short recap of the recent national games

Just yesterday, the Bahamas faced Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines leading to an extremely exciting game and an outcome of (1-0) taking the first win and an unfortunate but close loss (0-1) with Trinidad. Omari is quite happy with how the two first games have been going and we were able to retrieve one of his plays against Trinidad.

As the national league season finally starts, this will be extremely exciting to see the progress that Omari makes and what he will be able to achieve there with the Bahamas national team. 

After a quick interview with Omari and talking about his new experiences on team Bahamas as well as the performance of the last games, he stated the following:

“Quick changes were a great asset and although the past two games I was pushed more into a defensive shape on the field, always being in support of the ball gave us more options and helped out the midfield a lot”.

A quick update from Omari

It is important for us to follow every step of our B1 Players and that is why we wanted to give a bit more information on his new outlook on life and what he plans to do in the near future.

We asked Omari what new challenges he faces after joining the team in which he replied that the main issue currently was just creating chemistry with the team. It is all very new for our talented 19 years old player but he is determined to do his very best.

Omari also talked about how his new goals after reaching a new level of competition and stated that he was extremely honored to represent and play for his country. Moreover, he hopes that this opportunity will help him improve his skills.

Exciting news for B1

Furthermore, Omari talked to us about his time at B1 Soccer Academy and is planning to return to the program in late August which is exciting news.

B1 has helped me with training in terms of decision making and giving me more tactical knowledge than when I lived in Bahamas. Being able to play in Spain has significantly increased my football knowledge and I thank them for that but there is still a lot of work for me ahead”. 

The B1 Team is honored to have such a great player to continue his training with us as well as following his own dreams. Congratulations Omari and thanks for being part of the #B1Family!