The three first transfers of the season

New-season also means new opportunities for our B1 players! Indeed, we are always trying to find the best teams for them where they can grow as players, but for that, they need to give their 100% during the training and show their commitment.

We are happy to announce that the three first transfers of the season have been made!

The start of the season for some of our B1 players!

During this summer, three of our talented players joined the same team, UCF Santa Perpètua. Omari Bain from the Bahamas, Leo Itsitsar from Belgium, and Julian Coto from Costa Rica are the three transfers that are starting this new exciting adventure!

A couple of weeks ago, the three B1 players started training with their new team as part of the pre-season. Not to mention that the training are very intense, but that is exactly what our players are looking for.

Leo Itsitsar had this to say about this new stepping stone:

“Me and my fellow teammates are really motivated by this new opportunity. We have a new challenge ahead of us, our goal would be to fight for the top of the table, we will do everything in our power for it!”

First game with UCF Santa Perpètua

Moreover, last weekend our three players had the opportunity to have some playing time in the first game of the season against UE Costa Brava! Omari started as a striker and showed off his pressuring skills as well as his positioning.

He was able to create space when the opposition pressured and was really helpful during the first half of the game before the Coach made changes.

Furthermore, Julian was also in the starting eleven and played as a left-winger. He created many chances for the team and was really active with the ball. Known for his quickness and aggressivity in his playing style, he was able to create some problems in the opposition’s defense.

Finally, Leo went on at the end of the first half as a right-back and was also really dynamic on both ends of the field. He recovered really important balls in the defense and was able to deliver really good crosses to his attacking teammates.

In general, the performances by our players were really promising and we are really proud of them. Of course, there is always room for improvement but we are quite sure that this season will help them become more complete players!

Stay tuned to know more about the unfolding of their season!