Welcome back, Simone Hofer!

It is a pleasure to welcome back players that have been working with us. This time, Simone Hofer from the Netherlands, decided to be part of the B1 experience once again after she was able to come back to Barcelona with the Covid crisis.

The last time she was in Barcelona, she was being a coach for the women’s soccer school. In addition to this, we decided to make her part of our journey as we offered her the possibility to train with us and prepare for the MIC tournament the first time B1 took a women’s team to the tournament.

Unfortunately, because of the global situation, Simone had to go back to the Netherlands, her home country until recently.

The reason she decided to come back is that she would like to improve her skills and find out if she has the possibility to play at the highest level here in Spain.

She seems to be really excited to be back at B1, she even expressed her feelings about it:

“ I am really excited to come back to the B1. The coaches at  B1 Soccer Academy are great, and I am sure that they can help me to get better and achieve my goals”

Moreover, she told us that she learned a lot during her first stay at the Academy. Despite her being the only girl at the time, sometimes she had a hard time responding to physicality but that forced her to play fast and precisely.

Furthermore, she learned also about the tactical part of football. Not only she has been able to improve physically but she has learned strategical elements that completed her as a player.

She believes that the attention that our B1 Coaches give to the players is priceless, always there to help and trying to get the athletes to the top level. For her, she is in the best place to achieve her goals.

We are extremely happy to welcome Simone back to our training fields!