Incredible B1 Camp in Brentwood!

We’re fortunate to be able to work on what we’re most passionate about, football. And we are even more so when we travel the world teaching a #B1Camp.

During the past 8/10 to 12/10, our General Manager, Didi Rodriguez traveled to Brentwood, California for the first professional B1Camp in California along with the local Impact SC team.

An experience that has been unique and where we have been able to discover the sporting talent that exists in the United States. For Didi Rodriguez, it was “a very positive trip, where not only have I been able to meet a group of people who work very hard for the future of the boys and girls who belong to the club, but I have also learned about the sporting values of these boys and girls. Always with a smile on my mouth and listening at all times to learn and improve day after day.”

B1Camps training

A new way of working, new soccer concepts and new faces, but many desire to work with our knowledge during the 5 days that has lasted the #B1Camp.

25 separate training sessions in different age groups, from 8 to 18 years old and 2 speeches of working methodology with local coaches and sports directors.

Sessions of preparation, injury prevention, games of coordination, skill, and completion, activities of cognitive development, decision making. But above all, intense exercises where the player must act quickly and effectively. Bringing the concept of European football to the United States. Challenge followed.

Jesús Gómez, Impact SC coach commented that “having Didi with us has been a great pleasure and being able to enjoy everything he knows, for his experience and professionalism is something that the boys and girls who have participated in the Camp have valued very much. Besides enjoying every moment, always learning new things. You don’t have opportunities like this every day”.

A nice memory

As a curious fact, we want to comment that the training began minutes after Didi’s arrival at Oakland airport, where he had the opportunity to direct the end of a session of the older boys of Impact SC, a club collaborator in the organization of the B1Camp.

But it wasn’t all about training. Our General Manager also enjoyed some tourist activities to get to know the whole area better with the best hosts. He visited some of the most emblematic places in San Francisco such as the famous Golden Gate Bridge or Lombard Street. In the same way, he was able to enjoy some of the typical places of the local gastronomy.

Didi also visited Sacramento and was able to talk with some coaches and sports directors from different clubs and academies to continue opening the doors of B1 Soccer Academy in the United States.

It has been a great experience and we look forward to going back soon!